baby-dresses-image-1There is no feeling like that of holding your tiny little daughter in your arms knowing that you are solely responsible for her. You want to protect her and ensure that she has the very best that life has to offer. You are responsible for feeding her and yes, for clothing her. It is not unusual that you want to go out to baby stores and buy the best that there is for sale. You however need to understand what is best for your baby before you make that all important shopping spree that will make your baby girl look adorable.


Baby dresses are always so cute and you may end up buying a whole bunch of dresses without realizing that some are not suitable for your daughter. Dresses which have tight elastic around the hands may cause irritation to your girl’s skin and may also affect the flow of blood in that area. Your child will definitely become irritable due to the discomfort. You should therefore ensure that the dress is free enough at the hands and neck.

Ease In Dressing

Clothing and unclothing your daughter should not be a tedious task but should be one which you will both enjoy. You should therefore look for baby dresses that are easy to put on and take off. Dresses that have a series of buttons can give you a hard time since it needs a good amount of patience. Snaps can be an easier option as they are very easy when you need to remove the dress. However, they may require sometime to join them together when clothing her.

baby-dresses-image-2Dresses with zippers can be a good option but you need to ensure that the zipper does not press against her skin. Zippers also have a tendency to jam and should therefore be handled with care. If your baby dresses have snaps or buttons, you should ensure that they are firmly in place to avoid the possibility of them falling off and your girl choking on them.


The fabric from which the baby dresses are made of will greatly determine how comfortable she will be in them. You cannot go wrong with dresses made from cotton but you need to keep in mind that the dress will possibly shrink with the first wash. Fabric which has a percentage of cotton can also be suitable for dresses and you do not have to worry about shrinkage with fabric that has a blend of cotton and polyester. The dresses that you choose should easily be cleaned and dried by machine. You should not assume that the dresses can all be machine cleaned – some may require hand washing while others may need dry cleaning.


Babies grow very fast and you want your daughter to wear the cute baby dresses you have bought for some time. You should therefore not buy too many new born dresses since your baby will outgrow them in a very short time. Instead, you can buy dresses that are in a larger size since she will quickly grow into them and you will not have to keep buying dresses to keep up with her rate of growth.