People spend a lot of time trying to look their best, and many spend a lot on buying clothes so as to look as good as possible. There is a lot of factors that will have an effect on how you look, some within your control some not. Do not focus too much time on thinking about what you can control, instead think of the things within your power. There are many people who have changed the way the look for changing the small things on how they dress. Here are some great fashion tips for summer that will leave you looking gorgeous.

Keep the clothes loose

The looser the clothes are, the better. This means there is less fabric touching your body, and you will feel more comfortable. You will love wearing loose clothes because you will not be feeling constricted. You can easily find a flowy maxi dress or a loose pair of shorts.

Stay away from flimsy fabrics

You should try your best to avoid fabrics that are flimsy because you don’t want clothes that will start sticking on your body. You should choose lightweight materials for hot weather, but you also need to ensure that the clothes have some structure such as seam or embroidery, so they don’t cling on your body when you start to sweat.

Go with natural fabrics

Cotton is a good example of a fabric to choose because it is more breathable when compared to rayon or polyester. It will also help in absorbing sweat and drying faster, which means you will not be feeling all sweaty for a long time when compared to clothing made from synthetic fabric.

Avoid embellishments

You should try staying away from embellishments such as metals and heavy beads. This is because they tend to weigh down the clothes you are wearing and this brings them closer to the skin and causing the body heat to be trapped. You should choose a patterned garment because it will be able to add interest to your outfit without weighing it down.

Wear unlined dresses, skirts, and jackets

The lining will add another layer of between the skin and the air, and most of the time it is synthetic. This means it won’t breathe well and you will end up feeling like you are inside a private sauna when walking around.

Go with a small cross body or handbag instead of a backpack or large tote

You will sweat a lot with a backpack or tote stuck on your back. You should choose a handbag because you will just stick it to your side and everything will be comfortable. Choose stuff you really need and fit them in the handbag.

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